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According to the Negro Leagues Baseball Players Association website, Mamie Johnson is very much alive and currently runs the Negro League's Memorabilia Shop in Prince Georges County, Maryland.

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Q: When did Mamie Peanut Johnson die?
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What year did Mamie Peanut Johnson die?

Mamie "Peanut" Johnson is still alive.

Where was Mamie peanut Johnson born?

Mamie''Peanut'' Johnson was born in Long Branch,New Jersey

How old is mamie peanut Johnson?


When was mamie peanut Johnson born?

September 27,1935

Does Mamie Peanut Johnson have any type of sickness?

no i do not think so.

What year did Mamie Johnson's grandmother die?

Mamie Johnson's Grandmother died in 1943.

Why was mamie Johnson called peanut?

she was called peanut because she was 5 foot 2 inches when she played baseball

How many world series did mamie peanut Johnson win?

0 1953-55

What sport was Mamie Peanut Johnson playing when she got her nickname?

Baseball in the Negro Leages

Is Mamie Peanut Johnson still alive?

Mamie Johnson was one of three women to play in the Negro League, the other two being Connie Morgan and Toni Stone. According to, Mamie, who was born September 27, 1935 currently manages the Negro Baseball League's Memorabilia Shop in Prince Georges County, Maryland. So yes,she is still alive.

How many siblings did Mamie Peanut Johnson have?

Yes, she had five siblings... Hope this helps! :)

Did mamie peanut Johnson do anything other than baseball?

no,she spent her life playing baseball