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he was thinking about what he could help and do for the community so he t bagged a man and it worked

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Q: What year did Michael Jordan start his shoe company?
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When did Michael Jordan start his company?

michael jordan started his buisness in 1985 jordan shoes is the greatest shoe ever

How long did Michael Jordan run his Jordan shoe company?

5 years

What is a Michael Jordan air?

a Michael Jordan Air is a Basketball Shoe

Is there a Michael Jordan 23 shoe?

Yes there is.

What is the popular shoe company?


Does Jordan still make shoes?

The Jordan shoe brand is a division of Nike shoes. Today, they still make shoe for Michael Jordan and is responsible for a large part of his earnings.

What size shoe does Michael Jordan wear?

Michael Jordan wore a size 13. Nike Air Jordan's, are shoes made in the name of the legendary Basketball player Michael Jordan. If they are real, then they won't be found at much of a discount anywhere. The website with the biggest selection on sale is ლBabaReplicaლ.

How much does Michael Jordan make from his shoe revenue?


How did Michael Jordan get a shoe named after him?

because of is amazing slamdunks

How long did Michael Jordan have his shoe line?

24 Years

How cool is Michael baker?

He is better than Michael Jordan. He has he own shoe brand, The Micheals

Why were shoes named after Michael Jordan?

Because his nickname was Air Jordan and it sounds good for a shoe name.