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mantle and maris

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Q: What teammates hit home runs the most times in the same game?
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What team had the most teammates with 20 or more home runs?


What 2 teammates hold the record for most home runs in one season?

Mantle and maris

What teammates have hit the most combined HRs in a single game?

In MLB, the most home runs in a game by two teammates is 6 and has been done 4 times ... 1) Joe Adcock (4) and Ed Mathews (2) of the Milwaukee Braves on July 31, 1954. 2) Willie Mays (4) and Jose Pagan (2) of the San Francisco Giants on April 30, 1961. 3) Richie Sexton (3) and Jeremy Burnitz (3) of the Milwaukee Brewers on September 25, 2001. 4) Mike Cameron (4) and Bret Boone (2) of the Seattle Mariners on May 2, 2002. The most home runs hit in a game by all teammates (team) is 10 by the Toronto Blue Jays in a game against the Baltimore Orioles on September 14, 1987. Ernie Whitt hit 3, Rance Mulliniks and George Bell hit 2, and Lloyd Moseby, Fred McGriff, and Rob Ducey hit 1.

What is the record for most shot clock violations in one game?

24 in a half, when kobe bryant always decided to not pass to his teammates because apparently he thought that even his teammates where enemies. This was caused by the gatorade he drank at the 2nd timeout of the game where the milwaukee bucks decided to confuse him using himproxified uyiness.

How many home runs did Dwight Evans hit in one game?

In MLB, the most HRs Dwight hit in a game was 2 ... he did this 22 times.

How do you spell tieing like tieing a game?

The verb tenses are tie, tied, tying (change ie to y). Most often, you'd say the teams tied the game. I can't think of a sentence structure that would appropriately use "tying" to describe a sports game, unless it would be at the front end of a clause, such as: Smith hit a home run as his teammates ran to home plate, finally tying the score in the last few seconds of play.

What is nba record for most points scored by two teammates in one game?

I think it may be 91 by kevin durant and russell westbrook against denver in febraury 2012. Durant went for 51, westbrook went for 40, however do not take my word for this. Update: The above answer is the most points scored by two teammates in the 2011-2012 regular season so far. However, on March 2, 1962 , Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points and Al Attles scored 17 points for a combined 117 points by two teammates in one game.

What was the most important thing that Reggie Jackson did?

Reggie Jackson's most memorable moment was the most important to his Yankee teammates. It was his 3 home run performance on October 18, 1977 against the Los Angeles Dodgers in game 6 of the World Series. The Yankees won the series 4 games to 2. Going back to Game 5 with his home run off the first pitch in his last at bat, Reggie hit four home runs, in four official at bats, with four swings, off four different pitches. He had one walk on four straight pitches in between.

In 2001 who was voted the Jets' Most Valuable Player by his teammates?

Chad Pennington

How many times has Kobe Bryant scored 40 plus points against the Miami Heat?

The most recent 40/40+ tandem goes to Oklahoma's Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook scoring 51and 40 respectively. The 91 combined points goes down as third most all- time combined points scored by teammates in game.

Who stole home the most times?

Ty Cobb - 54 times

Most consecutive home run in a game?