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Charminique jordan

Johnny jordan

Sussy jordan

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I asked twice and got different answers
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Q: What is the name of barbra Jordan children?
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Full name of barbra Jordan?

her full name was Barbra Charline Jordan.

What are barbra Jordan accomplishments?


What is Barbra Jordan remembered for?

fighting for civil rights

What college did Barbara Jordan teach?

barbra jordan attended your moms vagina xD

Where did barbra Jordan die?

Barbara Jordan died because of pneumonia and leukemia.

What is the birth name of Barbra Bolle?

Barbra Bolle's birth name is Barbra Bolle.

What was Barbra Jordan famous for?

Giving birth to Lars Smith

What is the history about Barbara Jordan?

barbra Jordan born: February 21 1936 Died: January 17 1996 (aged 59) if you want more go to for barbra Jordan PS sorry if you didnt find this useful

How did Barbra Jordan pass away?

Barbara Jordan died of complications from pneumonia on January 17, 1996

What time did Barbra Jordan die?

Barbara Jordan died in Austin on January 1,1996 at 5:59

When was My Name Is Barbra created?

My Name Is Barbra was created in 1965-05.

Who was the first Afrierican American female Judge in US?

barbra jordan