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In MLB, 1.22 by the 1876 St. Louis Brown Stockings of the National League.

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Q: What is the lowest team ERA in baseball history?
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What team has lowest ERA for season?

which team has lowest era for 2013

What relief pitcher has the lowest single season era in baseball history?

Fernando Rodney in 2012. 0.61 ERA

Who had the best ERA in New York Yankees team history?

The man on the Yankees with the lowest ERA ever is Spud Chandler in 1943. He had a 1.64 ERA.

What professional baseball team had the highest ERA in baseball history?

the 1930 Philadelphia Phillies had a combined team ERA of 6.71. the team's overall record was 52-102. the 2nd highest team era was by the 1996 Detroit Tigers who had an ERA of 6.38 and a record of 53-109

Who has the lowest era in a single season?

Tim Keefe of the 1880 Troy Trojans had a 0.86 ERA in 105 innings and is generally considered as having the lowest ERA in an MLB season as the 1880 season was only 84 games long. Since 1900, the lowest ERA belongs to Dutch Leonard of the 1914 Boston Red Sox at 0.96. He had a 19-5 record and threw 224 2/3 innings.

Which team has worst team era mlb history?

the kansas city royals

What has the author Robert P Domanski written?

Robert P Domanski has written: 'The McKechnie era' -- subject(s): Cincinnati Reds (Baseball team), History

Lowest season era?

According to, the lowest ERA for one season in Major League history was a .8571 recorded by Tim Keefe, was was 23 at the time in 1880. However, because there were significant differences between the rules then and in the "modern era" of baseball, the generally accepted lowest ERA for comparison with any of today's players is Bob Gibson's 1.1225 in 1968, when he was 32. Again as a caveat, 1968 is referred to generally as the "year of the pitcher" because the height of the mound was lowered afterward, and the strike zone went from the bottom of the knee to the top of the armpit, until it was changed directly after the season. Bob Gibson won the NL Cy Young award for his efforts.

What is mariano rivera lowest career era?

Mariano Rivera's lowest ERA in a single season was 1.38 in 2005.

Who holds the lowest season era?

Duch Leonard with a .96 era.

What is the Lowest era in MLB?

the reds fransisco cordero has a 1.14 era

What pitcher has the lowest era in the hall of fame?

Ed Walsh with in ERA of 1.82