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Yvette Prieto

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whats his crossover

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Q: What is Michael Jordan girlfriend name?
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What is Micheal Jordan full name?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Is Michael Jordan girlfriend pregnant?

mine your business

What is Michael Jordans daughters name?

what is Michael Jordan's dauther's name.

What is Michael Jordans full name?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan..

What is Michael Jordan's name?

His name is Michael Jackson

What is Michael Jordan's middle name?

Michael Jordan's middle name is Jeffrey , which is also his son's name.

Who is Michael Jordan's girlfriend?

don't u no its jessica Alba and shes not his girlfriend she's his wife

What is Michael Jordan's mom name?

Michael Jordan's mother's name is Rhonda Jordan . She breastfed Michael for 3 years and is on record as saying she believes this is the reason why he is the athlete he is today.

Who is James Jordan Michael Jordan dad?

James R. Jordan

What is the name of Michael Jordan's exwife?

Juanita Jordan

What was the name of Michael Jordan's mother?

Delores Jordan

What was Michael Jordan's moms name?

Delores Jordan