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yes they played a game sort of like monopoly

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Q: What games did the Caddo Indians play?
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Are caddo Indians the same as jumano Indians?

No because the Caddo are the nicest indians

Did caddo Indians have totem poles?

No, the Caddo Indians did not use totem poles as did other Native Americans.

What did the caddo Indians make?


Is the caddo Indians still alive today?

does the caddo tribe still exist today

Where do caddo Indians live?

They live in Texas

Were caddo Indians sedentary or nomadic?


Where are the caddo Indians located in Louisiana?

northeast louisiana(:

What type of transportation did caddo indians use?

by walking

What did Caddo Indians dwell in while in Texas?


Where did the Caddo Indians live?

They lived in East Texas

What has the author George Amos Dorsey written?

George Amos Dorsey has written: 'Traditions of the Caddo' -- subject(s): Folklore, Caddo Indians, Indians of North America

Are caddos nomads?

No, the Caddo indians are not nomads they are sedentary. They grow crops and their homes are not portable.