What field do the redsox play on?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Redsox play at Fenway Park in Boston, MA

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Q: What field do the redsox play on?
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Who is the best player ever to play for the Redsox?

Ted Williams

Will redsox trade manny ramiez?

If he contiues to play well no he will not.

What was the name of the field that the Boston redsox played in 1903?

It was called the Huntington Avenue Grounds.

Who was the last redsox to turn an unassisted triple play?

John Valentin

What team did carlton fisk play for his rookie year?

The Boston Redsox in 1969.

When was Carina Redsox created?

Carina Redsox was created in 1980.

What baseball team did Dennis eckersley play on?

The oakland athletics, the boston redsox, and the st. louis cardinals.

Who won the 2011 MLB World Series?

Boston redsox

What year did the Redsox last win the world series and who did they play?

2007 when they defeated the Colorado Rockies 4 games to 0.

Who is number 36 that was on the Boston Redsox?

Its Kevin cash-catcher who the redsox just traded for again for angel sanches

What team is crawford on?

Boston redsox

Who owns the redsox?

John Henry