What does Cleveland steamer mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it means to poop on somebodys chest and rub it around in a sexual manner

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Q: What does Cleveland steamer mean?
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What is it called when a girl poops on a guys chest?

Its called a Cleveland Steamer.

What is meant by a Cleveland Steamer?

A Cleveland Steamer is the act of leaving feces on the rib cage of a woman while receiving penile pleasure from friction between the mammaries; or in general, it means having intercourse involving feces.

What is a clevland steamer?

The answer to this is quite simple, during intercourse, take a sh*t (drop your feces) on the individual's (hopefully a woman) and there you have it. THE CLEVLAND STEAMER! BTW i know you spell this (Cleveland Steamer) GOOD LUCK!

What did the Normans and vikings want from England to improve there diet?

A lovely Cleveland Steamer sandwich

What are possible benefits to the UK economy of a thriving small business sector?

Cleveland Steamer

How do you perform a Cleveland steamer?

drop a stink pickle onto the chest of another person.

What does R.M.S mean on the titanic?

It stands for Royal Mail Steamer.

What do the following words mean fudgepacker Cleveland steamer jizz milf?

fudgepacker- gay, homosexual, anal sex participant cleveland steamer- take a crap on someone's chest after or during sex jizz- sperm milf- mom i'd like to fu*k (yours) fudgepacker- A homosexual man or A straight male that prefers to have anal sex instead of other acts of sexual intercourse. (Hes likes slammin the back door, the exit only hole.etc)

What is a steamer?

Steamer made from bamboo used in Chinese cooking, particularly for dumplings.

What kind of product is jiffy steamer?

The Jiffy Steamer is a garment and fabric steamer. One would use this steamer to smooth out the wrinkles in their clothing, or curtains. This steamer comes in a travel version for steaming out wrinkles while away. This steamer eliminates the need for an ironing board.

Is the steamer a mode of land transport?

No a steamer is a boat.

The person who feeds fire on a steamer?