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He did not think he would make In major leagues.

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Q: What did Bob Feller say about Jackie Robison's chances of success?
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What is the bio code for deckar?

jackie robisons in close reading

What was Jackie robisons chirldren names?

Jackie Robinson Jr., Sharon Robinson, David Robinson

When was Jackie robisons birth?

he was born in Cairo , Georgia on January 31,1919

Who join the Cleveland Indians in 1947 afther Jackie Robinson?

Bob Feller

What did Bob Feller say about Jackie Robinson's chance of success?

Feller was quoted as saying: "He's tied up in the shoulders and can't hit an inside pitch to save his neck. If he were a white man, I doubt if they would even consider him big league material, except perhaps as a bat boy." Ironically, both Feller and Robinson were elected to the baseball Hall of Fame in the same year, 1962.

1962 who was put in the baseball hall of fame?

Bob Feller and Jackie Robinson were elected by the Baseball Writers Association and Bill McKechnie and Edd Roush by the Committee on Veterans.

Who was the second person inducted into the baseball hall of fame?

Jackie Robinson, who played for the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1947 to 1956, was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in 1962 -- his first year of eligibility in 1962. Interestingly, the great Cleveland Indians pitcher Bob Feller was inducted at the same time. Feller had been critical of Robinson through the years and once said that the Dodgers great had "football shoulders and couldn't hit an inside pitch to save his neck."

Why did other players hurt Jackie Robinson on field?

they were angry that a "negro" was playing in a "white man's" game. white players were jealous of Jackie's skills and success.

What is the best of all Jackie Collins books?

My vote goes to Chances. A page turner if there ever was one!

What made Jackie Chan strive for his goal of becoming a star?

In his book "I am Jackie Chan. My Life In Action" Jackie relates a story of how he was rejected by a girlfriend when he was still in his teens because he wasn't 'good enough' for her, or at least her father and he says that at that moment he decided that he was going to be a success, to be the best.

Who was the first black to man to play Major League Baseball?

Jackie Robinson was the first since Fleetwood Walker did so in 1884. Walker's success led to an unofficial ban on blacks in baseball.

How many numbers have the Cleveland Indians retired?

As of the end of the 2007 season: 3 - Earl Averill 5 - Lou Boudreau 14 - Larry Doby 18 - Mel Harder 19 - Bob Feller 21 - Bob Lemon 42 - Jackie Robinson