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easy question....a lawyer

(The above answer is not mine. I do not agree that a lawyer is a disrespectful career whatsoever)

Here are some that would be considered the least respectable careers in my opinion, and most of society's, I'm sure:

* Stripper

* Prostitute

* Drug dealer (although not really considered an actual career, it is for said drug dealer, because it is their way of making a living)

* Pimp

* Waitress or bartender (although I do not agree with that at all, but, unfortunately, I've heard many people say, "oh, he or she is just a bartender, they don't need education for that" which is very untrue, you have to be very talented and skilled to be a server or bartender, and they make very good money, more then a lot of the typical career, 9 to 5 worker.

* Mime

* Comedian

* Anyone that works or "plays a part" in the circus

* School bus driver

* School lunch ladies (or men)

* Janitors

* Fast food restaurant employees

* Convenient store workers

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Q: What careers are most disrespected?
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