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Q: What Major League Baseball team was the first to have Ladies Night at their games?
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When does a Major League Baseball team travel?

The night before a game.

What are some innovations from negro league baseball that changed Major League Baseball?

The negro leauges brought over the idea of night games by introducing lighting syytems to staduims

What channel is the 2010 Major League Baseball draft?

MLB Network. It will depend on your cable provider, but it's 400 for me.

1948 what major league team got lights to play night baseball?

That would be the Detroit Tigers. They were playing in Briggs/Tiger Stadium

When was the first night baseball game under light played?

The first night game in Major League Baseball history occurred on May 24, 1935 when the Cincinnati Reds beat the Philadelphia Phillies 2–1 at Crosley Field.

When was Ladies' Night - film - created?

Ladies' Night - film - was created in 2003.

What Major League Baseball stadium to get lights?

All MLB stadiums have lights, although the Cubs were the last to get lights at their stadium and the last to play a night game at home.

Baseball team that can not play night games at home?

As of 1950 something, all Major League teams can play night games, as for minor league teams I'm not sure, but I'm sure all of the teams within the AA and AAA leagues can, anything lower i have no clue

First major league night game was in?

1935 at Crosley Field in Cincinnati

When was Ladies' Night - album - created?

Ladies' Night - album - was created on 1979-09-06.

Who hit the first home run in a night baseball game?

July 10 1935: The 1st Major League home run in a night game is hit by the Reds Babe Herman against the Dodgers. The Reds win, 15-2.

When was Ladies Night - Preston Reed album - created?

Ladies Night - Preston Reed album - was created in 1996.