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57 over 200

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Q: Slugger has a 285 batting average?
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What is Ryan Braun's batting average?

Ryan Braun hit .285 in the 2008 season and has a career batting average, through 2008, of .301.

What was CARL Yastrzemski statistics?

Carl Yastrzemski had a career batting average of .285 hit 452 home runs, and had 1844 RBIs.

Who had 3 batting titles with lifetime BA under 300?

Carl Yastrzemski of the Boston Red Sox led the AL in 1963, 1967, and 1968 and had a lifetime batting average of .285.

What is the use of the silver slugger?

The Silver Slugger is an award that is awarded annually to the best baseball or batter at the American League and the National league games. The voters also consider the batting average and the slugging percentage. The award is a baseball bat shape that is plated with sterling silver. It also has the winners names engraved on to it.

What is the daily average temperature on Saturn?


What is the average gestation period for a bison?

285 days

Saturn has a average of what temperature?

Saturn has an average temperature of negative 285 degrees Fahrenheit.

What does slug mean in baseball?

A slugger is a boxer wins a large amount of their matches by KO. In baseball a slugger is a hitter who hits a lot of homeruns.

What are slugger?

I think A slugger is a type of baseball bat.

What hits farther Louisville slugger or Rawlings?

Louisville slugger

When did Dynamite Slugger happen?

Dynamite Slugger happened in 2000.

When was Slugger O'Toole created?

Slugger O'Toole was created in 2002.