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Philip Michael Thomas is still a Florida resident and backing GOP candidates in local elections. He produces plays such as "Sacha on Broadway" (named after his first daughter) and appears to do interviews and reminisce about the "Miami Vice " glory years (see you tube, German Fan vice sites ect.)

Though his 12 children by various women put a burden on his finances, soon after Vice he ran out of money appearing on the psychic network only 5 years after the series was cancelled, his house was foreclosed in in 1998, and his youngest children were reportedly living in the projects of Miami Philip bounced back. He was a GUEST STAR on several episodes if Nash Bridges Starring and produced of course by Don Johnson. Don helped his old vice pal out, good man. he also won a major lawsuit against the psychic network and paid money he was owed though not public knowledge the payout was rumored to be anywhere from 4 to 12 million. Also, Vice finally began to rerun in the late nineties on various networks and the residuals on DVD sales are helping Philip making the bills to.

Philip has never abused alcohol or drugs and lived a very healthy lifestyle. As the much larger and weathered Don Johnson jokingly said in Nash Bridges promos for Philps guest appearance "the problem is, the man doesn't age". Philip has a positive outlook on life and is also a born again Christian.

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Q: Philip Michael Thomas what is he doing now?
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