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Q: Is Billy Wagner related to Honus Wagner?
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When was Honus Wagner born?

Honus Wagner was born on February 24, 1874.

What is Honus Wagner's birthday?

Honus Wagner was born on February 24, 1874.

Who was honus Wagner wife?

Honus Wagner married Bessie Baine Smith in 1916.

Where was honus Wagner born?

Honus Wagner was born in Chartiers, Pennsylvania on February 24, 1874.

Is honus Wagner related paul Wagner?

Honus Wagner was an American MLB player who played for Pittsburgh Pirates and was a prominent player of his time. Paul Wagner is also a former baseball player who also incidentally played for Pittsburgh Pirates from 1992 to 1997. However, both of these players are not related despite sharing the same surname.

How old was Honus Wagner at death?

Honus Wagner died on December 6, 1955 at the age of 81.

What college did Honus Wagner attend?

Honus Wagner dropped out of school at age 12.

How many triples did Honus Wagner hit?

Honus Wagner had 252 career triples in 21 Major League seasons.

When and where did baseball player Honus Wagner die?

Honus Wagner died December 6, 1955, in Carnegie, PA, USA.

Is honus Wagner Jewish?


How old is Honus Wagner?

Honus Wagner was born on February 24, 1874 and died on December 6, 1955. Honus Wagner would have been 81 years old at the time of death or 141 years old today.

When did Honus Wagner play for the Pirates?

Honus Wagner played for the Pirates between 1900-1917. Between 1897-1899 he played for the Louisville Cardinals.