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It is valued at around $ 90.00 in good condition. Its a great collectable to own.

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Q: I have a Bradford exchange Michael Jordan plate of his 1982 ncaa championship. i have a certificate of auth. and its original packaging how much is it worth?
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When was Bradford Exchange created?

Bradford Exchange was created in 1973.

How do I find the value of a collector plate from the Bradford exchange?

Contact the Bradford Exchange.

1991 Basketball Championship collector's plate from the upper deck company?

1991 Bradford exchange Michael Jordan and the bulls i have one but don't no the value made by Bradford for upper deck 91and 92

Can you get a catalog from Bradford exchange?

no you can not

How do you find the value of Bradford Exchange Plates?

The bradford exchange::"in remembrance" plate #15995 f by lena liu.first issue lena liu's floral cameos c bradford exchange 1996

Where can one find reviews for Bradford Exchange?

One can find reviews for The Bradford Exchange on sites such as Yelp, Reseller Ratings and Ripoff Report. One could also contact the local BBB where The Bradford Exchange is located to see if there are any complaints against them.

What is the best way to sell collector plates such as Bradford Exchange limited editions with certificates and packaging intact to get the most money?

Selling them to a private collector will get you the most money. The quickest route would be to put them on an auction website.

How do you talk to a live person at the Bradford Exchange?

Did not received order

What is another company like the Bradford Exchange?

The Franklin Mint

Is there an email address for Bradford exchange billing inquiries?


What is the value of Bradford Exchange Plate ' The Lovers'?

The value of a Bradford Exchange plate series that is known as "Women of the Century" will vary according to condition and collectibility. They can be found for as high as $200 per plate.

Bradford exchange plate series 2000 price?

plate No. 24198C