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Q: How many perfect games did randy Johnson throw?
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How many throws did randy Johnson throw?


Did Randy Johnson really throw 108MPH?

No. His highest speed was 102 mph.

What batter's head did Randy Johnson jokingly throw over in the 1993 All-Star Game?

john kruk

How fast did Randy Johnson throw a baseball?

In 2004, radar clocked a ball thrown by the pitcher Randy Johnson at 102 miles per hour. Randy Johnson was a pitcher in the major leagues who played for different baseball clubs, including the New York Yankees and Giants.

Only pitchers to throw perfect games in both leagues?

No pitcher has ever thrown 2 perfect games.

How many perfect games does amleto monacelli have?

The only person to throw multiple perfect games is Cy Young so if he threw any he only threw one.

How many perfect games did mark buerlhe throw?

He has thrown one perfect game (against the Rays), but he also has a no hitter (against the Rangers).

What is the future perfect tense of throw?

The future perfect tense of throw is will have thrown.

What is Randy Barnes best ever discus throw?

Randy Barnes is a Shot Putter.

Does Randy Choate throw right or left?

MLB player Randy Choate throws left.

How many touchdowns did daunte culpepper throw to randy moss?


What pitches did Randy Johnson throw?

Randy Johnson had a few pitches. He's most famous for his 4 seam fastball, in his early years it was clocked 100-102 miles per hour. Also he had a split finger fastball, and a really nasty slider.