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Three, but in softball four.

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Q: How many outfielders are in baseball?
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Who are some famous outfielders in baseball?


How many outfielders dose a team have?

a baseball team has 3 out fielders thery are : right field left field and center field

What were outfielders called in civil war baseball?

They didn't play baseball while fighting in the Civil War.

When did wilson manufacture 398340-1941 endorsed by Al Kaline?

An outfielders' baseball glove.

Why do they use four outfielders in softball?

They don't use four outfielders in softball. Some slow-pitch leagues may choose to use four outfielders, but other than that, the positions are the same as in baseball. Rec leagues, high school, and college softball all use three outfielders: left field, right field, and center field.

In slow pitch softball how many outfielders are allowed?

i know in fast pitch softball it is 4 outfielders allowed on the field at once

What baseball slang refers to an outfielders outstanding throwing arm?

He has a gun of an arm, so "gun" is the slang word.

Can you play baseball with 7 players?

sure; have a pitcher, catcher; first baseman, two infielders and two outfielders

What does baseball have?

Baseball has multiple players on a diamond, or baseball field, playing against an equal number of players. 1 pitcher, 1 catcher, 4 infielders, 3 outfielders and 4 bases.

Is the outfielders throw a noun?

Both the word outfielders and the word throw are nouns, however the term'outfielders throw' is an incorrect form.The noun outfielders is the simple plural form for the noun outfielder. The term requires the word to be the possessive form: the throw of the outfielder or the throws of the outfielders:singular possessive: outfielder's throwplural possessive: outfielders' throws

What in baseball are there 3 of?

If you mean exactly 3 and not more, some would be 3 outfielders, 3 balls (strike out), 3 ball count on the hitter.

Who are the Red Sox' Outfielders?

Jeff Bailey, Coco Crisp, Jacoby Ellsbury, J.D. Drew and Jason Bay are the Red Sox Outfielders.