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two years

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Q: How long did Lou Gehrig live after his famous speech?
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How long did Lou Gehrig live after Alas diagnosis What year did he die?

Lou Gehrig's diagnosis was confirmed on June 19, 1939. His last game was on April 30, 1939.

Where can I find more information about Lou Gehrig disease?

Lou Gehrig's disease is the more common name for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a fatal neuromuscular disease which took the life of famous American Baseball player Lou Gehrig. Lou was famous in the 1920's and 30's and had a long and unbeatable record in the game. There is an ALS Association which can provide detailed information on the condition.

How long can someone live with ALS Lou Gehrig's disease?

Their life span is usually shorten by 4-6 years.

How long was Lou Gehrig captain?

Lou Gehrig was the captain of the Yankees from 1935 until 1939.

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The entire speech, from start to finish, is about 8 and a half minutes long, very short.

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How long was Lou Gehrig's baseball career?

Lou Gehrig played professional baseball from June 15, 1923 to April 30, 1939. He played his entire career for the New York Yankees.

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