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just go to the store again or search it up

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Q: How do you tell your kind of jordans?
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How can you tell Jordans are fake?

if the Jordan symbol is backwards

What is one kind of mens basketball shoe?


Are jordans Nikes?

well... kind of

What kind of shoes does Justin Bieber wear- are they sneakers?

Jordans, and Nikes.

Are Jordans fake?

some of them could be fake but if you know how to tell the difference between fake jordans and real ones youll be good if not well just quit the game =)

What shoes are better Jordans or shaqs?

jordans are better

What kind of shoes does Austin mahone wear?

Austin Mahone wears Nikes, Jordans, and Converse.

Where were jordans made?

jordans are made in china

Why do jordans cost so much?

because it is a famous Basketball player i always get them but they usally cost over 100dollars if it is a nice kind i always get the nice kind not the crapy kind

What kind of stuff does legacy from the new boyz like?

he likes shoes so go and buy him a pair of jordans

Which shoes are better supra or Jordans?

supras jordans

What shoes did Michael jorden wear?