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You can't. You have to use GOM audio.

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Q: How do you display album art on the GOM player?
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How do you add album art to mp3 files that you have created?

If you have windows media player, this makes it easy. You have to copy the picture you want, then go to the song you want on windows media player and on the the blank album picture that says paste album art here, right click and select paste album art here. Job Done!

How do i get album art onto my mp3 player when i got the songs from cds on my computer the album art was with the files. but once i put them on my mp3 player the art would not show up on the mp3?

try a different brand mp3,ill try Umm, and, most of the time, mp3 players have black lettering only on the screen, so your album art doesn't come up at all.

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If you are using any of the Windows based Media Players, then Album Art is part of the song/album information that is embedded into the digital information of the song/album. The album Art is a recreation of the Album/CD cover for the album. This information, along with Artist, Title, Track time and other info is stored on newer (1999 +) CDs ad part of the CD. Other information can be/will be obtained from the internet when you are running Windows Media Player and connected to the internet. Hope this helps you understand.

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