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see the schematic drawing on the website at It may help. Go to eBay and search for an owners manual for the 37,

Go to and buy the Gun Digest book for Assembly/Disassembly of Shotguns. The Ithaca Mod 37 is in there.

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You would need a wrench, a jack and pull apart the car with them but first take out the wheels (you are talking about a car right?)

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Q: How do you disassemble a ted Williams model 34?
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What is your sears-ted Williams model 34 worth?

I just purchased a model 34 at a gun show for $125.00 in like-new condition.

What is the vaule of a Ted Williams model 34- 22 rifle?

10-100 USD or so

Parts for model 34 ted Williams rifle?

Gun shop, gun shows, want ads.

What year was the Ted Williams model 34 id 5833403 22 made?

Sears used the Ted Williams name from 1962 to about 1988.

Ted Williams 22 cal rifle model 583.3403?

The Ted Williams 22 cal rifle model 34 583.3403 was made for Sears by Standard Manufacturing Company. It was discontinued in 1967-1968. It is valued at $125 in good condition.

Who manufactured the Sears Ted Williams model 34 semiautomatic 22 caliber rifle?

The Ted Williams Model 34 .22 caliber auto-loading rifle was manufactured by High Standard. Identification numbers include 583.3400; 583.3401; 583.3402; and 583.3403. There may be additional ID's, but these are the ones I have found. D. Phillpott

Who made the sears ted Williams model 34 22 semi auto?

High Standard, some parts available at Numrich

What is the value of a model 300 12 gauge Ted Williams semiautomatic shotgun with a 2-34 inch chamber?

100-325 USD

What is the value of a sears 12 gauge ted Williams model 66 auto with a 2 34 chamber?

In Excellent condition $200-250 It is a High Standard model actualy.

How do you age a model 34 Ted Williams Sears Roebuck and Co 22Rifle?

Sears Ranger model 34 is a .22 caliber single-shot bolt action rifle manufactured by Marlin (see model 65) for Sears for about $18-22 during the late 1940's and early 1950's. Current value would be condition rated from $40-$115. The Ted Williams naem was not used until the early 1960's and the model 34 of that era was made by High Stadnard and was a semi auto.

Is a Sears Ted Williams model 34 Semiautomatic 22cal a Rim fire or a Center fire Rifle?

Rim fire, just like every other .22lr put out there.

Where can you find some parts for a Ted Williams Model 34 22 Semi Auto?

I have found everything from the butt plate with the V emblem to the barrel at Numrich.