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If Jordan Jansen currently has a girlfriend, it is not public knowledge at this time.

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Q: Does Jordan jansen have a girlfriend?
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Is Jordan Jansen single?

Yes Jordan is single. He has never had a girlfriend either (Why, is beyond me!)

Does Jordan Jansen have a sister?


What is the birth name of Jordan Jansen?

Jordan Jansen's birth name is Jordan Nichole Jansen.

What is Jordan jansen full name?

Jordan Ricqui Jansen ;)

Does Jordan Jansen have a clubpenguin?

yes actually Jordan jansen does have a clubpenguin his name is Jordanjansen

Where does Jordan jansen live?

Jordan Jansen currently lives in Australia at the gold coast which is in Queensland

Does Jordan jansen have a girlfirend?

Jordan jansen has admitted in a youtube video that he has never had a girlfriend nor does he intend to for a while unless he meets someone really special, he doesnt care if they're british or american, as long as they make him laugh and speak english.

Is Jordan jansen gay?

No! He is focusing on music, and does not have time for a girlfriend. But he most definitely likes girls. He kissed me on the cheek at a meet and greet.

Does Jordan jansen like girls?

yes he does like girls he is not looking for a girlfriend but yes, he likes getting all the attention from girls :)

What school does Jordan jansen go to?

St brigids What?! Do he doesn't, liar! Jordan Jansen is being homeschooled. i think.

What Jordan jansen nickname?


Does Jordan Jansen have a mobile phone?