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Yes ... since the Cy Young Award was started in 1956, every pitcher that won an MVP award for the year also won the Cy Young.

Those pitchers are Don Newcombe - 1956 Dodgers, Sandy Koufax - 1963 Dodgers, Bob Gibson - 1968 Cardinals, Denny McLain - 1968 Tigers, Vida Blue - 1971 Athletics, Rollie Fingers - 1981 Brewers, Willie Hernandez - 1984 Tigers, Roger Clemens - 1986 Red Sox, and Dennis Eckersley - 1992 Athletics.

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Q: Did all pitchers that won MVP win Cy Young?
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There is a line of thought that pitchers shouldn't win the award because they aren't everyday players. The last pitcher to win an MVP award was American League reliever Dennis Eckersley of the Oakland A's in 1992.

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