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i know that he had at least one sister. she was my gym teacher many, many years ago on staten island, new york. i cannot remember her name. she was a small woman. i believe she once brought roy to our school for a visit. it was in the 1960's. it was at prall junior high school 27. sorry i cannot remember much else.

Her name was Ms. Johnson and she was my teacher also at I.S. 27 in Staten Island back in 1982 or 1983. I remember her telling us the story that she was Roy's sister and I told my father but I think he didn't believe me!

Yes, Mrs. Johnson, the gym teacher, is Roy's sister. He came to JHS 27 in the 63-64 school year to visit her during one of our gym classes. I don't remember him staying around too long. Because the school was brand new he wanted to see where she worked.

Hello my name is Arnold L. Campanella and yes Roy did have a brother Lawrence Campanella which is my Great grand father. We stayed in philadelphia when the Dogers went to La.

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Anning S Prall JHS #27 . Mrs. Gladys Johnson was a gym teacher. Her husband who also worked at JHS27, his name was Colonel Johnson.

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Q: Did Roy campanella have brothers or sisters?
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