1993 NL batting champ Galarraga

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, he led the NL with a .370 BA.

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Q: 1993 NL batting champ Galarraga
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Who was Nl batting champ before clemente?


Who was the NL batting champ in 1992?

The 1974 NL batting champion was Ralph Garr of the Atlanta Braves at .353.

Who was the 1928 national league batting champ in major league baseball?

Rogers Hornsby of the Boston Braves won the NL batting title in 1928 with a .387 average.

What player had the highest batting average in the 2011 regular season?

Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers batted .344 in the 2011 Season

Who was 7 time national league batting champ?

Both Honus Wagner and Rogers Hornsby won seven such NL titles, and Tony Gwynn won eight of them.

Who was the 7 times home run nl champ?

Ralph Kiner won the NL home run title 7 times, from 1946 -1952.

Who was the 1993 NL MVP?

Barry Bonds

Who was the 1953 home run champion?

Eddie Mathews was the 1953 NL home run champ with 47, and the AL home run champ was Al Rosen with 43.

Tony is a three time batting champ what is his last name?

Tony Oliva of the Minnesota Twins won the American League batting title 3 times: 1964 - .323 1965 - .321 1971 - .337 Didn't TONY GWYNN of the SD Padres have EIGHT batting titles? The question says 'three time batting champ,' but doesn't specify AL or NL. Oliva did it in the AL, but Gwynn had a total of eight batting titles over the course of his long career; his first name is Tony. TK

Has a Major League Baseball team ever had 4 players end up with 30 or more home runs in one season?

Yeah, it's happened a couple times. For a long time the only team to do it -EVER- was the 1977 Dodgers, but since 1995 it's happened another 10 times. The list: 2006 AL Chicago White Sox Paul Konerko / Joe Crede / Jermaine Dye / Jim Thome 2004 NL Chicago Cubs Derrek Lee / Moises Alou / Aramis Ramirez / Sammy Sosa 2000 AL Anaheim Angels Mo Vaughn / Troy Glaus / Garret Anderson / Tim Salmon 2000 AL Toronto Blue Jays Carlos Delgado / Jose Cruz / Tony Batista / Brad Fullmer 1999 NL Colorado Rockies Todd Helton / Vinny Castilla / Dante Bichette / LarryWalker 1998 NL Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones / Andruw Jones / Andres Galarraga / Javy Lopez 1997 NL Colorado Rockies Vinny Castilla / Andres Galarraga / Larry Walker / Ellis Burks 1997 NL Los Angeles Dodgers Eric Karros / Todd Zeile / Raul Mondesi / Mike Piazza 1996 NL Colorado Rockies Vinny Castilla / Andres Galarraga / Dante Bichette / Ellis Burks 1995 NL Colorado Rockies Andres Galarraga / Vinny Castilla / Dante Bichette / Larry Walker 1977 NL Los Angeles Dodgers Steve Garvey / Ron Cey / Dusty Baker / Reggie Smith

Who won a nl batting title in back to back years?

Larry Walker, Tony Gwynn

Who has the second most batting titles?

Honus Wagner and Tony Gwynn with 8 each. Wagner won the NL batting title in 1900, 1903, 1904, 1906, 1907, 1908. 1909, and 1911. Gwynn won the NL batting title in 1984, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997.