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World of Warcraft.

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The better game between RuneScape and World of Warcraft is subjective and depends on personal preferences. RuneScape is known for its unique quests and skill-based progression, while World of Warcraft offers a more traditional MMORPG experience with rich lore and a larger player base. It's recommended to try both games to see which one aligns better with your gaming preferences.

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Q: Whats better RuneScape or World of Warcraft?
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What is the population of World of Warcraft?

As of 2021, World of Warcraft has an estimated player population of around 4-5 million active subscribers worldwide. This number can fluctuate based on updates, expansions, and other factors that influence player engagement.

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What is better World of Warcraft guild wars or runescape?

world of warcraft <untetected infliction>

Whats better World of Warcraft orrunescape?

world of warcraft because runescape sucks and warcraft is a huge game and its fun to play but it is a little nerdy but all games like this is but it is a very addicting game rs is the best ever

What do you think is better World of Warcraft or RuneScape?

it is a matter of personal preference personally i like Runescape

Is Runescape a better game than World of Warcraft?

A matter of personal choice.

What are better games than runescape?

world of warcraft or dungeons and dragons online.

Is there any better game then runescape and has no virs?

world of warcraft it pawns the runescape be warned though its highly addictive :)

Is there a similar game like runescape online?

Yes, World Of Warcraft is one.Yeah it is but not better than the coolest game runescape

Can any game compare to RuneScape?

Not really, I would have said World of Warcraft, but runescape proves to be of much better value.

Which site has more views World of Warcraft or runescape?


What do you think of RuneScape?

Runescape is one of the best online games you can play in your web browser. Yes but i think Wow ( world of warcraft is better

How can you get out of your World of Warcraft addiction?

Start to play runescape. you will get bored and not want to play world of warcraft.

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world of warcraft and u can find it here.