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Well, to date, the size of congressional staff is approx. 24,000 Members in size.

* Personal Staff- who work for individual Members of Congress--11,692 * Committee Staff- who work for either the majority or minority on congressional committees--2,492 * Leadership Staff- who work for the Speaker, Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Majority Whip or Minority Whip--274 * Institutional Staff- majority or minority party floor staff, and non-partisan staff: police, legislative clerks, building, janitorial--5034 * Support Agency non-partisan Staff- Congressional Research Service [747], Congressional Budget Office [232], and General Accounting Office [3,500].

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31, according to recent research by The Sunlight Foundation.

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Q: What is the average size of a congressional staff?
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What is the average congressional staff pay?

bread crumbs and beaver spit so allways remember... SHOUT WORDS TOGETHER

What is the average size of a senator's staff?

In 2000, the average was 34, in 2012 it is close to the same number.

How are congressional staff members appointed?

They aren't appointed, but hired.

Who are the people sitting behind congress at a Congressional Hearing?

staff and aides

Average size of a Congressional district?

It changes after each census. Since 2000, in NY and NJ it has been approximately 650,000 people.

The Congressional Research Service and the Government Accountability Office are examples of?

staff agencies

Who are the congressional staffers who help constituents with problems?

all of these are reasons for imploying a staff

What are three Congressional staff agencies?

1. Government Accountability Office (GAO -- formerly General Accounting Office) 2. Congressional Budget Office (CBO) 3. Congressional Research Service (CRS)

What is The minimum size of a state's congressional delegation?


When the states are divided into Congressional districts are these districts based on size or population?

Congressional districts are based only on population, not on area.

Why did the numbers of congressional staff increase rapidly after 1900?

the numbers of congressional staff never increased rapidly after 1900. - America Gov. Teacher... sike*The number of clerks began to increase when the new Senate Office Building opened, later named the Russell Senate Office Building.

The primary responsibilities of congressional staff members are a making campaign decisions b handling legislative details and constituent service c tours of the us capitol d conducting polls the prim?

The congressional staff do have a lot of responsibilities. There main responsible is legislative details and controlling the polls.