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Approximately 2.2 billion.

See Christianity link to left for some specifics.

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Approximately 2.1 billion adherents - the largest group following. See link below:

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There are approximately 2.1 billion followers

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It is said that roughly one-third of the world is Christian. It is estimated that there are about 6.6 billion people on Earth. So, about 2.2 billion people in the world are Christian.

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There are approximately 2 billion people who claim to be Christians or followers of the Way.

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Q: How many Christian followers are there worldwide?
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Who many followers do Christian's have?

There are about 2.1 Christians worldwide.

How many Christian followers are they?

About 60% of the world are christian followers!

How many native spirituality followers are there worldwide?

Followers of what in the indigenous what - where?

How many mormonism followers are there worldwide?

About 14 million

How many islamiic followers are there worldwide?

60 Million and counting

How many followers does Bahi faith?

There are estimated to be around five million followers - in 200 countries worldwide.

How many followers of Bahaism are there?

This religion is "Bahá'í Faith", not "Bahaism", by its followers. Estimates on the number of followers are around 7 million worldwide.

How many followers are there worldwide of Judaism before the Holocaust?

There were about 18 million.

What is the Russian Christian population?

The Russian Orthodox Church has approximately 100 million followers. Some estimates put the total worldwide Russian Christian figure at over 150 million.

How many followers are in the Christianity religion?

Christianity is the largest religion today. There are about 2 billion followers worldwide, which is 33% of the world population.

How many gods does Christian followers worship?

1; God.

How many chrisitan followers?

Christianity is the largest religion in the world and the total christian followers in the world are approximatly 3 000 000 000 followers