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Grand Theft Auto was originally created by Mike Dailly, and David Jones. The game was later modified by Dan Houser and Sam Houser. Multiple other developers have worked on the game since its creation.

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Q: Who created the Grand Theft Auto video game series?
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Which video game series is known by the initials GTA?

Grand Theft Auto

What is Demi Lovato's favorite video game?

The Grand Theft Auto Series

When was Multi Theft Auto created?

Grand Theft Auto - video game - was created in 1997-10.

What video games is Rockstar North most famous for creating?

The British video gaming company, Rockstar North is most famous for creating the Grand Theft Auto Series video games. The Grand Theft Auto Series is one of the best-selling video game series on sixth-generation consoles.

Which video game of Grand Theft Auto has the most land?

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of hte most popular video games of all time spurring more versions. The San Andreas version of the popular videogame Grand Theft Auto has the most land throughout the game.

When did Grand Theft Auto - video game - happen?

Grand Theft Auto - video game - happened in 1997.

What is the most successful video game series?

pokemon, street fighter, call of duty and grand theft auto

Is Grand Theft Auto Saskatchewan a real video game?


What is the release date of the PC video game Grand Theft Auto 4?

GTA 4 was released in 2008, though it had been intended for release in 2007. The newest edition to the Grand Theft Auto series of games is due for release in September 2013.

How many copies were sold for the Grand Theft Auto video games in 2012?

The Grand Theft Auto video game from 2012 sold over three million copies. The Grand Theft Auto video game has sold a total of overr twenty five million copies worldwide since the game was released in 2008.

What are video games that 11 year olds will like?

Grand Theft Auto Video Games

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grand theft auto 4