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Research psychology mainly works to find out the reasons about a certain behavior whereas applied psychology works to solve a problem or disorder may be by using the facts obtained from the research psychology. An example of research psychology will be chemicals of brain involved in memory and an example of applied psychology will be reduction of depression or use of therapy to treat certain kind of diseases.

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Pure psychology refers almost solely to theories and concepts. Applied psychology is more along the lines to how those theories are used in things like treatment, business advertisement choices, drugs, and even crime investigation.

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psychology is based on theories and general overview of the human behaviour while applied psychology is specific field and is more inclined towards practical applications and real world then theoretical psychology

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Because psychology is a science, this is referring to different ways of practicing psychology. Applied psychology is practicing, working with individuals and applying psychological knowledge to improve their everyday living. Basic psychology is research oriented, with less immediately practical application but even more important products--furthering the knowledge that psych is based on. Also, applied psychology may also be referring to applied research which differs from basic research in that it studies directly applicable issues of the times, such as effectiveness of medications.

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applied psychology is a branch of psychology involving more common ailments.

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Q: What is the difference between applied psychology and psychology?
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What are the difference between basic psychology and organizational psychology?

Basic psychology involves the theories of psychology that only describe and explain human or animal's behavior.Organizational psychology is the applied discipline of psychology that applied principles and theories of basic psychology in organizations to increases productivity and efficiency of work and workers.

What is the similarity between research psychology and applied psychology?

That applied psychology will be based on the research at hand. It applies what we have discovered and what we know. Other than that - there are no similarities. Applied psychology is just that - it applies knowledge to the real world.

What is the relationship between basic psychology and applied psychology?

Basic psychology is research just for the sake of knowledge, and applied psychology is research used to solve real life problems.

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Pure psychology is studying psychology just for the sake of knowledge. Applied psychology is psychology knowledge used to solve real life problems.

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