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Biological approach-It is a psychological approach that examines behavior & mental processes through a focus of the body but mainly the brain & nervous system.

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Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processe

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Nothing else.

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Mental heal
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Mental Process

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mental processes

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Q: Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes This means that psychologists are interested in?
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What are the aimsgoals of psychology?

There are four major goals of psychology. They are:Describe behaviorUnderstand or explain behaviorPredict the behaviorControl or modify the behavior

What is scientific study in psychology?

mental and behavior processes

What is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes?


Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes?


Why do you need to study the biological processes in Psychology?

Psychologists study biology because they want to know if a person's biological factors affect their personality. Psychologists primarily study human behaviors.

Psychologists who study the role of the brain in psychological processes use the?

Neuroscience Perspective -

What is a Biological psychologists?

A biological psychologist is a person who works in biological Psychology - the application of the principles of Biology to the study of mental processes and behaviour.

Why is biology important in the study of psychology?

Psychologists are concerned with human Biology because some body processes and physical wellbeing affect the person's Psychology. For example, psychologists can connect insanity with severe cases of cerebral palsy.

What is kohlberg's approach to psychology?

The piaget approach to psychology was the cognitive approach which concentrates on the study of internal mental processes or the thinking part the human mind is viewed in a similar way to an information processor of a computer and psychologists like piaget used scientific experiments to highlight this

What is a cognitive psychologists interested in?

Congnitive means learning through experiencing, i-e either seeing, hearing, and motor learning. So congitive psychology would deal with the process of learning and how everyone deals with it.

Why should be study psychology?

because we could know more about the scientific behavior and mental processes

What is educational psychology?

Educational psychology is the study of the relationship between learning and our physical and social environments. Educational psychologists study the psychological processes involved in learning and develop strategies for enhancing the learning process.