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Citizens in a Totalitarian have no type of rights.

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In a totalitarian regime, citizens typically have limited rights and freedoms as the government exercises total control over all aspects of society. Basic rights such as freedom of speech, press, assembly, and privacy are often heavily restricted or entirely suppressed. Citizens may not have the ability to hold the government accountable or participate in the political process freely.

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Q: What are the rights citizens have in totalitarian?
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What are the three different types of residents in a polis?

In a polis, residents can be categorized into citizens, who have full civic rights and are actively involved in the political life of the city-state; metics, who are free foreigners living in the polis but without full citizenship rights; and slaves, who are owned by citizens and have no political or legal rights.

What are the rights of citizens in Africa?

Citizens in Africa generally have rights such as the right to vote, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the right to a fair trial. Many African countries have also adopted constitutions that outline additional rights and protections for citizens. However, the extent to which these rights are respected and upheld can vary widely across different countries in Africa.

What are the key traits of a totalitarian state?

The key traits of a totalitarian state are Ideology, Dynamic Leader, State control of individuals, Methods of Inforcement, Modern Technology, State Control of Society, Dictatorship, and One-party rule.

What are the rights ang obligation of the state in Philippines?

In the Philippines, the state has the right and obligation to uphold the rule of law, protect its citizens' rights and freedoms, promote social justice, ensure public safety and security, and provide essential services such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure. The state also has the responsibility to collect taxes, maintain public order, and promote the general welfare of its citizens.

What is Civics?

Civics is the study of the rights and duties of citizenship, as well as the functioning of government and how it affects society. It covers topics like the role of government, the rights and responsibilities of citizens, and the structure of political systems. Understanding civics helps individuals become informed, engaged members of their community and society.

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What are totalitarian regimes?

Totalitarian regime is a form of government in which the nation's government has total control over the people. The citizens have no rights to vote/elect for officials or new governmental laws.

What are the major differences between totalitarianism and authoritarianism?

Answer this question…Citizens in totalitarian states have less personal privacy.

What roles does propaganda play in totalitarian regimes?

Answer this question…It convinces citizens that they should support the totalitarian leader.

The government passes laws to protect the rights of its citizens a.anarchism b.pluralism c.totalitarianism?

In pluralist political systems Governments will often pass laws to protect the rights of their citizens. In a perfect anarchist utopia, it is arguable that Government will not exist so it is slightly difficult to choose b. However, in practice, anarchists have been strong supportors of rights such as free speech. In totalitarian societies governments may pass laws claiming to protect the rights of citizens. However in practice those rights won't be extended in a way which allows citizens to challenge the Government's power base.

What are the rights of the citizens in dictatorship?

Citizens have no rights under a Dictatorship.

What is a dictator controls all aspects of the citizens lives?

Totalitarian state

How did the rise of totalitarian government affected the citizens of their countries?

loss of its people

Individual rights of American citizens are contained in what?

The Bill of Rights has the rights of citizens.

How are decisions made in totalitarian?

There are no rights for people when they have a Dictatorship or tyranny.

What are the citizens rights in dictatorship?

Citizens have no rights under a Dictatorship.

What is the difference between rulers in a democracy and rulers in a totalitarian?

In a democratic government, citizens have a say when it comes to how the country is run. In a totalitarian regime, the country is ruled by a very tiny group of elite citizens (usually military generals and industrialists). In a democratic regime, people have more control over their lives. However, in a totalitarian regime, the government will try to control the lives of its citizens as much as possible.

What is the role the government in a totalitarian system?

in a more simple way... it is to control the lives of the citizens