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Jean-Jacques Rousseau's thoughts about political equality

Apex answer: Governments should be overthrown if they violate people's natural rights

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The idea of individual rights and freedoms, as well as the importance of reason and science over traditional beliefs and superstitions, are reflected in this writing from the Enlightenment era.

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Q: Which popular Enlightenment idea is reflected in this writing?
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What enlightenent idea is reflected in the preamble?

The government's power comes from the people is an Enlightenment idea reflected in the Preamble.

What popular enlightenment idea is reflected in the declaration of independence?

People are born with natural rights, freedom

Which idea comes from the Enlightenment and is reflected in theConstitution?

Political be power ultimately rests with the people not the government. Apex

What Enlightenment idea is reflected in both Satan in John Miltons Paradise Lost and Daniel Defoes character of Robinson Crusoe?

The idea of individualism is reflected in both characters. Satan defies authority and seeks personal glory, while Crusoe is focused on his own survival and autonomy on the deserted island. Both characters represent the Enlightenment belief in the power of the individual to shape their own destiny.

Machiavelli's political writing supported what idea?

end justifies the means

The excerpt most reflects which Enlightenment idea?

natural rights social contract

Which idea comes from the enlightenment and is reflected in the constitution?

The powers of government should be divided. -Apex

What idea comes from the enlightenment and is reflected into the constitution?

Political power ultimately rests with the people, not the government.

Which idea of the Enlightenment period pertained to dividing government equally?

The idea / theory called "Trias Politica" as developed by Enlightenment thinker Montesquieu.

What was the idea of the Enlightenment?

Get out of Samsara, the everlasting realm.

What makes a new TV show popular?

People enjoy an original idea, good writing, and good acting.

What enlightenment idea is represented by the headline?

The headline represents the Enlightenment idea of freedom of speech and the press as essential for fostering democracy and holding those in power accountable.