Virtuoso in a sentence

Updated: 5/1/2024
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The Virtuoso violinist has been amazing audiences since she was only eight years old.

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The virtuoso pianist captivated the audience with his flawless technique and expressive performance.

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Q: Virtuoso in a sentence
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How could you use the word virtuoso in a sentence?


What is a sentence with the word virtuoso?

The virtuoso girl played a symphony from Mozart.

Sentence for virtuoso?

Tenor virtuoso, Marcelo Alvarez, often performs at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

How do you virtuoso in a sentence?

Virtuoso violinist Isaac Stern is one of the most renowned and celebrated musicians of our time

How do you make a sentence with virtuoso?

The virtuoso pianist impressed the audience with his flawless technique and musicality.

A sentence using the word dilettante?

You call yourself a virtuoso? You're nothing but a dilletante!

How would you use the word virtoso in a sentence?

The Concert Pianist gave a virtuoso performance last night at the theatre.

When was The Christian Virtuoso created?

The Christian Virtuoso was created in 1690.

When was A Virtuoso's Collection created?

A Virtuoso's Collection was created in 1842.

What is the singular form of virtuoso?

Virtuoso is singular, the plural form is virtuosi.

When was Ricardo Virtuoso born?

Ricardo Virtuoso was born on 1984-03-01.

Are a virtuoso and a solo are the same thing?

No. A virtuoso is a performer who is exceptionally good at their instrument; it can be a noun (Ritchie Blackmore is a guitar virtuoso) or an adjective (Ritchie Blackmore put in a virtuoso performance). A solo is a part of a song played by one instrument or sung by one voice (guitar solo). However, you can have a virtuoso solo.