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horatio does not want hamlet to follow the ghost because horatio thinks its something evil like the devil in the form of his dead father trying to presuade him

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Because they don't know whether he is a nice ghost or not. He might literally scare Hamlet to death.

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They don't know what the ghost really is: it could be something dangerous which would lead Hamlet to his death or frighten him out of his wits. They are thinking of Hamlet's safety.

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Q: Why doesn't horatio want Hamlet to follow the ghost?
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Why is Horatio interested in Hamlet?

Horatio finds Hamlet asleep in the middle of a dirt road.

Who saw the ghost first hamlet or Horatio?

Horatio, in Act 1 scene 1. Hamlet doesn't see it until scene 4. It has to be this way because in scene 2 Horatio tells Hamlet that he has seen the Ghost.

Who is horatio what does he reveal to Hamlet?

Horatio is Hamlet's friend from university. He tells Hamlet that his father's ghost has been seen wandering the castle walls.

Who informed Horatio about the Ghost?

Horatio tell HAmlet that after midnight his father ghost shows up

Marcellus and Horatio observed the ghost was?

Hamlet's dead father

In the opening of hamlet whom do the sentries and Horatio see?

The ghost of Hamlet's father, the former king.

Who do the guards think will be able to help them speak to the ghost in hamlet?


What brought Horatio here in ElsinoreAnd explain what did he suggest Hamlet to do?

Horatio was brought to Elsinore by the ghost of Hamlet's father, King Hamlet, who appeared to him and two of his fellow soldiers while they were on watch. Horatio was called by the ghost to tell Prince Hamlet that the ghost was his father and that he had been murdered by his brother, Claudius. Horatio was then tasked with convincing Hamlet that the ghost was telling the truth. Once Horatio had told the prince what the ghost had said, he suggested that Hamlet should act as if he were insane in order to ensure his safety and to help him uncover the truth of his father's death. Horatio also advised Hamlet to feign madness and use it to his advantage to find out the truth about his father's death. He also suggested that Hamlet should not act too hastily as he could be putting himself in danger if he made the wrong choices.

Why is hamlet standing with horatio in act 1 scene IV shakespears's play hamlet?

In Scene 2, Horatio tells Hamlet that he has seen the ghost of Hamlet's father walking the battlements. Hamlet is much amazed and insists on accompanying Horatio to the battlements to keep watch. That's what they are doing in Scene 4.

Does Hamlet find Horatio's speech so strange that he says Horatio uses wild and whirling words?

No, you've got it backwards. It is Horatio who says, "These are but wild and whirling words, my lord." to Hamlet. Hamlet is a little discombobulated after seeing his father's ghost.

What three questions does horatio ask the ghost?

Not a dang thing. The ghost only talks to Hamlet; he will not talk to Horatio.

Does the Ghost speak only to Hamlet and not to Marcellus and Horatio?

Yes the ghost only speaks to Hamlet. The others can see him but cannot hear him. When the ghost visits Hamlet in his mother's closet, his mother can neither see nor hear him.