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Most famous British [ Great Britain] female opera singers -

Isobel Baillie - Scotland

Janet Baker - England

Gwyneth Jones - Wales

Isobel Buchanan - Scotland

Josephine Barstow - England

Rosalind Plowright - England

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Q: Who are the most famous British female opera singers?
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Most famous female opera singers in the1950s?

maria callas

Who are the famous opera Italian singers?

Luciano Pavorotti

What is the name of a famous woman opera singer?

There are several famous female opera singers today. I would say most Americans have at least heard of Renee Fleming. She is one of the most popular and renowned opera singers today. Another female opera singer who has become somewhat of an "opera pop icon" is Anna Netrebko, known for her bel canto interpretations. If you are asking for famous female opera singers of today, I would say those two. I'm not saying they are the best necessarily, but definitely the most popular.

What famous American opera singers sang with carusso?

Rosa ponselle

What are two famous opera singers?

Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli

Are there any famous philadelphia opera singers?

Marian Anderson , Mario Lanza .

Who are well known Black female opera singers?

Well, Leontyne Price and Kathleen Battle are a couple of great ones for starters. Plus Jessye Norman. The above list is just a start. Mattiwilda Dobbs was the first African-American to sing in La Scala, first coloratura at The Met....that counts for something! Marian Anderson unfortunately did not have the chance to do much opera on stage but she had one of the greatest voices of the 20th century. Following in their footsteps were Betty Allen, Reri Grist, Barbara Hendricks, Grace Bumbry, Shirley Verrett, Carmen Balthrop, Florence Quivar, Leona Mitchell, and now Denyce Graves, Anita Johnson, Harolyn Blackwell...the world is blessed by their artistry and grace. For black female singers of the 19th century (yes!) get Rosalyn Story's book And, So I Sing.