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Q: Which of the following composers envisioned operas as musical drama's a combination of all the arts?
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What composers envisioned operas as musical dramasa combination of all the arts?

You don't tell us who 'the following' are, so your question cannot be answered.

Who wrote the gavotte?

The Gavotte is a type of musical dance. There were many composers during the Baroque period and beyond that wrote gavottes.

What is the role that music plays in musical theater?

Without music, musical theatre would be just theatre. Music is the focal point of a story that includes music which is produced in a theatre. This means that not only must the actors be able to act, but to sing. These performances also require an orchestra. Finally, the composers who write the music and lyrics for a musical theatre production are telling a story, and they craft their sequence of musical numbers to help move the story along.

How many tony awards has phantom of the opera won?

The 1988 production of The Phantom of the Opera, still running on Broadway, won 7 Tony Awards that year.The production received the following awards:Best Actor in a Musical - Michael Crawford as The PhantomBest Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical - Judy Kaye as Carlotta GuidicelliBest Costume Design of a Musical - Maria BjornsonBest Director of a Musical - Harold PrinceBest Lighting Design of a Musical - Andrew BridgeBest Scenic Design of a Musical - Maria BjornsonBest Musical

How does math relate to dancing and choreographer?

Math relates to dancing and to being a choreographer. This is because dance is based on following musical beats, which are based in mathematics.