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A poem about having trouble sleeping

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A poem reflecting on fear of the dark - APEX

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A poem about falling asleep

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Herme Saldana

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A poem reflecting on the night sky - Apex

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Q: Which description most likely fits a nocturne?
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Which most likely describes a nocturne?

A poem about being afraid of the dark :)

Which nocturne is the most famous?

Chopin's Nocturne's are the most famous. When you type up (in YouTube and Google) "Chopin Nocturne" the first thing that comes up in both search engines is "Nocturne in C Sharp Minor".

What is the most beautiful Chopin Nocturne?

Chopin Nocturne Opus 48 #1 (13). By far the most beautiful. Maybe.

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Chopin, is most likely to be the composer of the song. The credits in the movie indicate that it was a nocturne of which Chopin wrote 21.So far I think that the particular Nocturne Johnny Quid plays in "Rocknrolla" is a simplified arrangement of "Nocturne in F Minor Op. 55 No.1"I will try and keep this updated.

When were Chopin's songs most popular?

Nocturne op. 9 no. 2 (Nocturne in e-flat major) Minuet Waltz Fantasie Impromptu

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