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Q: What word was excessively repeated in a midsummer nights dream?
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What was the play date of a midsummer nights dream?

the play date for a midsummer nights dream is the 27th of may

Who has a bad dream in midsummer nights dream?


Who is moonshine in midsummer nights dream?

Starveling plays the part of Moonshine in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

What was his plays called?

midsummer nights dream

What year was A Midsummer Night's Dream set?

A Midsummer nights dream is set in Athens, Greece in 1899

Is there foreshadowing in a midsummer nights dream act 2?


Which Shakespeare play has faries in?

A Midsummer nights Dream

What did molly brown do before the titanic?

a midsummer nights dream

What season is the setting for Shakespeares midsummer nights dream?


Which characters changed the story in midsummer nights dream?


Who played the female parts in midsummer nights dream?

Male adults

What is the name of the duke and his bride in midsummer nights dream?

ya mum