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A b b a b c..... D# f e g b# e d d.... G e f g# It took a long time to work out start with your thumb on S

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Q: What is coronation street tune on piano with letters?
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What is jack spears connection to coronation street?

He wrote the theme tune.

What instrument plays coronation street's theme tune?

The main theme music to Coronation Street is played on cornet, accompanied by clarinet and double bass.

Did The Beatles revise the signature tune for coronation street?

Apparently not. It was proposed at one point that they would appear on Coronation Street as themselves, stranded when their car broke down. The harmonium played by Ena Sharples was supposedly used on the recording of "We Can Work It Out".

What is the name of the coronation st tune?

coronation st theme song

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you spelt tune wrong

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