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You will want to go to a riddle website. sorry

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Q: What is a riddle where the answer is the number one?
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What is a number riddle?

A riddle involving numbers.

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What riddle oh wise one!

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It's a simple algebraic equation ... a mathematical "riddle".The answer to the riddle is: what the number must be.Here's how to find it:We don't know what the number is yet, but we have to give it some name.I have decided to call it ' Q ' for now.The riddle says that " Q/36 = 1/3 "Mutiply each side of the riddle by 36:Q = 108

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The answer is the number 50.

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it is "MATC"

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The answer is 555-0001.The riddle is that the phone number is 555, followed by the answer to the riddle from "As I was going to St. Ives". The riddle is designed to have you multiplying and adding powers of 7 (seven wives, seven sacks, seven cats, seven kittens). The actual answer is that only ONE (the speaker, I) is going to St. Ives, while all the rest are coming from there.

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give me one riddle and joe I will solve it !!!

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