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A river

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Q: What has two banks but no money?
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How does bank earn profit?

The way banks earn money is basically a two-step process. First, banks borrow money from other banks as well as from their depositors. The banks then loan that money out to businesses and people, and charge them a higher rate of interest than they are paying on the money. Banks also earn money by charging fees for services they offer.

How bank create money?

Money is CREATED by governments, not banks. They store money. Banks also EARN money by loaning money to people. People pay the banks back more money than they borrow (interest)

Are banks out of money?


Do banks iron money?

Banks do not iron money as this would burn it. The Royal Mint, who make the money, make it flat when it is made, and then send it to the banks like this. Ironing money is not recommended :)

How do banks use money?

they use money for money

How much money is a two-dollar bill worth?

2 dollars. You can still get them at some banks.

Who borrows money from federal reserve banks?

All member banks of the Federal Reserve in USA can and do borrow money from the federal reserve. The Federal Reserve is the banker of banks to whom the banks go when they need money.

Who lend money?

Money lenders and banks.

How banks work?

Banks take your money and buy mcdonalds

How do banks create more money?

Banks can create money just by saying so (out of thin air) and lend this money to borrowers.

Why banks have not eliminated the need for the money markets.?

Banks ARE the money markets. They are hardly likely to eliminate themselves.

How do banks get bought?

with money

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