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Q: What clocks and people have?
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When was Clocks Are Like People created?

Clocks Are Like People was created on 2006-08-07.

Why are alarm clocks so important?

Alarm clocks are useful to keep people on track. Uses for alarm clocks or timers - waking up people, used for cooking.

What type of clocks did people make when there was no electricity or wires?

Sun dials and water clocks.

How many people use their cell phones as alarm clocks?

8.7% or people use their cell phones as alarm clocks.

How do people use Weather Clocks?

Many people use weather clocks in various ways. These include with thermometers, and even some smart phone applications have weather clocks available.

How are clocks and humans alike?

Clocks are personified to have several of the same features as humans. For example, clocks have a face and two hands, like humans do. Clocks can also be grandfathers!Clocks and people can't go back in time.

Positive and negative effects on clocks?

A positive impact of clocks is that they help people tell time. A negative impact of clocks is that they interfere with the sleep cycle.

What kinds of clocks are available for vision-impaired people?

There are plenty of clocks that speak out the time, such as GE's speaking clocks. You push a button and it will clearly read the time to you.

Is Switzerland famous for cuckoo clocks?

No. Some people think cuckoo clocks come from Switzerland, but they don't. Cuckoo clocks come from the Black Forest, which is in Germany.

Why do elderly people enjoy grandfather clocks more than younger people do?

Grandfather clocks are enjoyed be people of all ages but many elderly folks seem to enjoy them much more. This may be because these clocks were considered a valuable piece of furniture.

How many people have there clock the exact time?

Very few clocks are capable of keeping the exact time. Most people have their clocks set as accurately as possible.

How do people in Africa tell the time?

With watches and clocks.