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You need a receiver to control all the options in your home theater. The receiver is your main unit that will directly send signals to the speakers for their best performance!

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Q: What are receivers used for in a home theater?
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Can home receivers be used in place for home theater?

If the receiver provides the functions that are needed, then yes it can be used within a home theater system.

Where can one purchase receivers for a home theater?

You can purchase receivers for a home theater online from the Amazon website and have them shipped directly to your house. You can also find out exactly what you need to purchase on the Home Theater website.

What sites sell models of Sony Str home theater receivers?

Websites such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Crutchfield or BuyDig sell models of Sony STR home theater receivers. Sony's website also sells these receivers.

What does multi zone mean in home theater receivers?

Multi-Zone in home theater receivers means that the receiver can send a second source signal to a separate audio system or speakers.

Do stereo receivers still send componet signals with a HDMI input?

No. Home theater receivers that have hdmi inputs upscale component to hdmi, but not the other way around.

What are AV receivers and where can I find out this information?

Av receivers from my understanding stand for audio video receivers and are used in home theater systems they're used to amplify sound from different audio sources and also send video to your TV from other sources. A simple way to find out more on AVA receivers would be to go to you local electronic store and ask a member off staff for more information.

Is an HDMI audio receiver needed for home theater?

You need a 5.1 Decoder and an amplifier to drive the speakers, most companies build these items into their RECEIVERS which comes with the switching you heed with most home theater systems.

What products does Carver Home Audio sell?

Carver Home Audio sells home audio and theater systems. Their products include multimedia receivers, speakers, tuners and they also have installation services.

Which products are available for purchase on the Rotel website?

Products offered by Rotel include: amplifiers; surround sound receivers and processors; CD players; stereo receivers; and tuners. Their merchandise can be summarized as home theater audio equipment.

Where can one buy a stereo receiver for a home theater?

One can buy stereo receivers for home theaters at specialized electronics stores such as Best Buy, from supercenters stores such as WalMart, or online from retailers such as Newegg.

AV receivers act as the nerve center for what kind of system?

An Av receiver is considered the brains for any home theater system. It controls the sound quality of the speakers, and is an absolute must for the home watcher.

Can one use pioneer subwoofer TS-WX80BP in home theater system?

No, this is a passive subwoofer designed for car audio applications. Modern home theatre receivers have no amplifier for the subwoofer and expect a powered sub.