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1. Warming up

2. Dancing

3. Cooling down

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Q: What are basic steps in aerobic dancing?
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What are the basic steps you would first learn in irish dancing?

The basic steps in irish dancing are the hops, skips and pounces. The basic dance is the easy reel. Hope it helped!

Which is more aerobic horseback riding or aerobic dancing?

aerobic dancing

What are the basic steps of gumboot dancing?

stamping and claping

What are the basic steps in ballroom dancing?

step back then to the side the close

Benefits of aerobic dancing?

One benefit of aerobic dancing is the workout you get from it. It helps burn calories and fat. Aerobic dancing also is great for flexibility, strength building, and improved endurance.

Is tap dancing aerobic exercise?

Tap Dancing gives you an amazing cardio workout. I certainly consider it aerobic exercise.

What does aerobic dancing simulate?


What are the 5 basic fundamental steps of folk dancing?

Folk dancing varies throughout the world, there are a few fundamental steps that can be found in almost every dance and style. For example the Schottishe, Chass_, Crossover, Hopping Steps, and Basket.

Five basic steps of folk dance?

There are only three basic steps in folk dancing. They are hopping, chasse and Scottish. All of them are used in folk dances but depending on the particular dance, more steps may be added.

How can dancing be done as an aerobic exercise?

You can do zumba fitness and be dancing and it will considered an aerobic exercise bec ause you are working different parts of your body

How many steps to line dancing?

line dancing has 4 steps.

What are the basic steps of maria Clara?

The Maria Clara is a folk dance from the Philippines. The basic steps of the Maria Clara involve a women dancing around with a handkerchief. The steps mimic men competing with one another to gain the attention of the woman.

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