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He suggests that Shakespeare was prepared for death.

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Q: In this excerpt from Mark Twains essay Last Words of Great Men Twain suggests that Shakespeare?
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In this excerpt from mark twains essay last words of great men twain uses the last words of Daniel Webster i still live in order to ..?

Illustrate what can happen when you're unprepared for death

Was Shakespeare a great dramatist?

It is widely agreed that William Shakespeare was a great dramatist.

Whose death deeply affected shakespeare as an adult?

We can only guess, since Shakespeare left no diaries or letters which would attest to his personal feelings. However, it is true that the period of the great tragedies and darker comedies commenced immediately after the death of Shakespeare's father, John Shakespeare. This propinquity suggests that there may have been a connection between the two events.

What was shakespeare's love and family life like?

William Shakespeare married when he was 18 to a woman several years older than him. Some evidence suggests this may have been a "Shotgun wedding". The couple welcomed three children. Although they remained married, Shakespeare lived apart from his wife and family for twenty years. There have been speculations of Shakespeare's promiscuity, but nothing has been proven.

Did Shakespeare like his name?

William Shakespeare took great pride in his name.

What did William Shakespeare have to do with the divine right of kings?

It had great influence on many of Shakespeare's plays.

Who were William Shakespeare's grandchildren?

Shakespeare had four grandchildren: Shakespeare Quiney, Richard Quiney, Thomas Quiney and Elizabeth Hall. He had no great-grandchildren.

Where was a great place for Shakespeare's plays?

Anyplace is a great place for a Shakespeare play. I've seen them in tents, in parks, on outdoor stages, indoor stages and in the rain. They're all great.

Who is the English poet and dramatist author of Othello?

William Shakespeare William Shakespeare!! It is one of his great tragedies.

Which great dramatist is known as the Indian shakespeare?


How was William Shakespeare's school life?

he said it was great

Was shakespeare the author of many great tragedies?


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