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Q: In the episode of George Lopez when Carmen's' friend from school comes over and has on these bracelets on what does the colors on the bracelets mean?
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What are the colors for the bracelets?

any color girl.....

What are all the colors that bangle bracelets come in?

The colors of bangle bracelets can vary by the retailer, but generally they come in shades of gold or silver. At Macy's, you can find bangle bracelets in the colors yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or gold over silver.

Do friendship bracelets have to be the colors of the rainbow?

No they can be any colour! :)

What cancer is the white bracelet?

there are allot of different colors of all bracelets but i think you are talking about the "I heart boobies" bracelets for breast cancer

Where could one buy custom bracelets for a cheap price?

Walmart has many different bracelets for cheap prices. There are jewelry, like gold and silver for good prices. Also , there are many types of string weaved bracelets. They also offer a variety of rubber bracelets in different colors.

Where can you find gel bracelets?

walmart ( when i went ) was selling packs of 20 braclets in 3 colors for $3.00

Different Styles of Hermes Bracelets?

Hermes bracelets are designed by a company from France who design many types of jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, and earrings. Many of the 2010 line of Hermes bracelets are leather nova wrap bracelets with the trademark letter of H on them. The colors of Hermes bracelets come in black leather, chocolate brown leather, taupe, and natural colors of leather. The bracelets look similar to small belts with buckles. Other Hermes bracelets are fawn and black leather race wraps that are smaller than the nova bracelets, but look similar to a tiny dog collar. The prices for Hermes bracelets can start $375, and go up to $600. The bracelets also come in silver chain link styles that can cost up to $900 on sale. The original price for a Hermes silver chain link bracelets are over $1000. One of the most popular bracelets out of all the Hermes bracelets are the cuff bracelets which are called Hermes Collier de Chien. The cuff bracelets are gold plated adjustable black leather bracelets with the gold being in the style of a letter H, which cost $700. In 2004, the Hermes Collier de Chien gold plated cuff bracelets were a part of the top ten bracelet list. The older bracelets are the Hermes Boucle Silver Sellier bracelets that look like a silver chain link with a buckle. The bracelet and the silver are authentic Hermes bracelets that can cost up to $800. The French Hermes designers create a new line of bracelets every year. Each year, the bracelets have a new sleek look to them that are different from any other bracelet in their line. The older the bracelets are, the cheaper they become, and many people sell their used Hermes bracelets for less than $100. The cheapest Hermes bracelets are Bangle gold enamel bracelets that are only $200. The bangle bracelets are black and gold bracelets that are large enough to dangle on the person who wears them. The bangle bracelets also come in many different colors and styles, such as red Petits Chevaux de Hongrie silver palladium plated bracelets, Torana brown and white palladium plated, and the blue and white Tresors Retrouves palladium plated bracelets. All of these types of bracelets will cost up to $460.

What is the purpose of people wearing leather bracelets?

There's no special reason for wearing leather bracelets - actually it's just a fashion trend. Leather bracelets come in different sizes and colors, and sometimes also with different metal inserts like for example brass.

Where can one find rubber band bracelets?

There are many store and sites that sell rubber band bracelets such as Walmart. They come in many different sizes and colors some may even have logos or sayings on it.

Are gold bangle bracelets in fashion?

Yes, gold bangle bracelets can be very fashionable. It is nicely paired with gold hoop earrings and dark colors. It is a great choice for fall fashions, which tend to be dark.

Are Chamilia bracelets genuine?

Chamilia bracelets are genuine and come in gold and silver and can be decorated with beads to your liking. You can build your own at a variety of fine jewelery stores and the beads and charms come in a variety of styles and colors

What are some of the colors used for the custom rubber bracelets used for charity?

Several colors are used on rubber bracelets to represent various charities and organizations. Pink bracelets are often worn by people who support or donate to breast cancer awareness groups. Those who support Livestrong, another cancer-awareness non-profit organization, will wear yellow bracelets made for the company. Those who support funding for greenhouses, such as the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago, can purchase green bracelets to help cover the costs of significant hail damage repair from a storm there 3 years ago.