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Around twenty dollars

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2010-06-04 16:52:05
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Q: How much do leather ballet shoes cost?
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How much do leather shoes cost?

Expensive leather shoes used from crocodile leather is about $70 to $120. Cheaper leather shoes are $50 to $80

How much will cost to make leather shoes?


How much does ballet shoes cost?

depends on the type of shoe jazz shoes ; $20- $80 ballet shoes ; $15 - $40 pointe shoes; $40- $100

What fabric is used in ballet shoes?

Usually leather, canvas or vinyl (very bad, and not much cheaper).

How much did shoes cost in 1936?

Shoes cost anywhere from 69 cents to 4 dollars in 1936. Women's shoes cost around the same price, ranging from simple shoes to leather dress shoes.

How much money do ballet shoes coast?

it depends on what type of shoes you want. Point shoes usually cost around €45 for a new pair in a shop but you can get them cheaper from a ballet teacher who buy's them herself.

How much do ballet shoes cost?

This depends on the shoe.... On discount dance a Capezio Pro Canvas Ballet Slipper costs about $14. Pointe shoes cost around $70-300. Hope i helped(: <3, Marissa

How much did leather shoes cost in 1850?

a dollar back then was around 13.00s so you can do the rest

What leather or upper leather shoes?

Shoes can be found in leather as well as leather uppers. The all leather shoes will last much longer than other types of shoe materials.

How much is 9 pairs of ballet shoes?

For pointe shoes, you also need toe pads and toe seperations, and that comes to about sixty dollars or more. The canvas pre-pointe shoes are usually around thirty dollars. Be aware that you have to sew the straps of the pre-pointe shoes. Normal leather ballet shoes can be from fifteen dollars or less to thirty dollars or more.

What distinguishes patent leather shoes from other shoes?

Patent leather shoes are most distinguishable from other shoes by the material they are made out of. Patent leather is industrially produced leather which has a much different look and feel than traditional leather.

How much leather does one cow produce?

about 18 normal leather shoes

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