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Video is one of the types of data that takes up the most space.

It can not be compressed very much if you do not want to loose quality.

There are compression scemes available that manages to compress very much, but at a great loss of detail and color information.

certain Cartoons can be compressed quite a lot, but even here you will not be able to get more than about 30 minutes in a semi decent quality for a TV screen.

If you plan on compressing something for a portable, say a small phone-video screen, then this can not show an awful lot of detail and the compression sceme can be chosen accordingly. Up to 70-90 minutes is possible on 128 Mb.

I did a test on my Ice Age 1 DVD once and managed to get the entire film onto my Nokia 6225. The file was about 120 Mb and was quite playable on the phone.

For most people and for playback on a TV, even the best compression programs would use at least 600 Mb for a 'decent' quality ordinary movie of 90 min. Low framerate, low bitrate on sound, low bitrate on video, great loss of colorinformation, makes this possible.

Vivid colors and high resolution and framerate, crisp and clear sound in surround, would demand at least 1 Gb for a movie of 90 minutes. (Here, only the sound tracks would use up 128 Mb.)

128 Mb is more suitable for stillpictures and a camera. Even with 5 mega pixels photos you can hold about 60 pictures on the memory card. If chosing 1 Megapixel resolution you can hold more than 400 pictures on this 128 Mb card.

Music in MP3 format is also a perfect use for this card. 4-5 minute songs in quite good quality takes up 4-5 Mb each. you can hold 27-30 songs or the equal of about two full CD's on this card.

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any1 know how many hours of shooting my 64mb vecho vcc-001 will hold?

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It all depends on the quality of the video, (higher quality is smoother but takes more space) but you should be able to get at least a couple minutes.

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In my video camera 15 minutes is 1gb

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Q: How many minutes of video will 64mb hold?
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4 million minutes

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How many songs does 64MB hold What about pictures?

The 64mb memory card holds up to 50 songs(avarage memory of 1 song is 4mp)

How many minutes of video will a 4 GB SD card hold?

4 million minutes

How many minutes of video per say a movie-can a 8gb ipod hold?

It can at least hold up to 4 hours of video on the 8GB.

64MB equals how many KB?

65,536 Kilobytes.

How many megabites do most MP3 players hold?

Most of the MP3 players on the market today have a range of data capacity from 4mb to 64mb. This range is always expanding.

How many minutes of video MP4 format on 4gb card can hold?

Some video cameras have a file size limit of 4GB. The answer will also depend on what type of video you are recording. Standard video (TV resolution) will require much less memory. The various HD video formats will require much more. Another wikianswer indicates that a 2GB card can hold two hours of video. But it gives no indication of the video format. Casio claims 9 minutes 11 seconds per GB for their Exilim Pro Ex F1. So an 8GB card could hold 73 minutes 28 seconds of HD video. But it would need to be split into two or more files.

How many songs does acreative zen v - 4gb mp3 player with video playback FM radio hold?

A 4gb Mp3 player can hold anywhere between 800 and 1400 songs. It depends on how long the songs are( 4 minutes or less if longer then you get less songs). You can hold 1000 photos. I'm not sure yet how many videos it can hold but I think 1 video takes up 2 or 3 songs. But if you put a video in it the music video will seem like a very small square in the middle of the screen.

How many GB does a psp3000 hold?

The PSP 3000 has a small 64MB of internal memory. So no GB. It does however take Memory Stick Pro Duo so you can expand as you please .

How many hours of video will a 1 G USB device hold?

You could fit about 140 hours of video but it would be at the poorest quality. You can fit about 1 hour at good quality. You can fit about 25 minutes at DVD quality. You can fit 2.5 minutes at blue ray quality. The amount of video you can store will depend on the quality (size and frame rate) of the video and the video format / compession used (AVI, MPEG, DivX, etc.).

How many songs can 2kg hold if each song goes for 5 minutes?

how many songs can 2gb hold if each song is 5 minutes long or more

How many megabytes in video of about 19 minutes?

It depends on the quality.

How many minutes is 10 mb of video?

around 300...